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Women’s Health

QSMC has three female doctor working on staff where preferable for female patients, and our doctors have a wealth of experience working in women’s health. We highly recommend people have regular check ups with their usual GPs, and are focused on providing preventative measures to achieve optimal health for our patients. Being regular and consistent with managing your health is the key to maintaining it; below are a number of general health concerns women face that we can ably assist with.

Cervical Cancer

We use cervical screening tests, those having replaced the old Pap smear tests, which is an enhanced and more accurate way of protecting women from cervical cancer. While similar to a pap smear, women need only get a cervical screening test once every five years when results are normal.

Breast Checks

Breast awareness for women is absolutely crucial, and self examinations in conjunction with breast screenings for women over 40 should be a part of everyday life. If you have any concerns about your breasts or feel a change in self examination, you should arrange to see a doctor without delay.
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Family Planning & Fertility

Our doctors are equipped to help women make decisions to manage their health through family planning and the effective use of contraception. This can be a sensitive issue, but this underscores the importance of being able to find practitioners with whom to communicate in a honest and safe manner. While all our doctors are skilled with respect to concerns about fertility and relevant testing and assessments, Dr Elle Bolster in particular specialises in the field.


Women undergoing menopause are subject to a number of changes, and some women face general health concerns through the course of these changes. While the average age to experience this ‘change of life’ is around 50, it could happen significantly earlier or later than that. If you’re suffering from any adverse effects of menopause or have further questions, you should refer to your GP.

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