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Women’s Health

Our doctors are experienced in all areas of women’s health. Queen Street Medical Centre has three female GPs available if it is preferable for our female patients. We focus on offering preventative health advice to achieve and maintain optimal health. We highly recommend women to have regular check-ups with their doctor to ensure all screening is up to date.

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Some of the more common women’s health issues our doctors can help with include:

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical screening tests (CST) replaced the Pap smear test in December 2017. The CST is now the preferred test for women to screen for cervical cancer. Similar to a Pap smear, a CST is performed via speculum examination. Cells are sent to the lab to test for the human papillomavirus (HPV). If the result is normal, a CST test is recommended every five years.

In addition to regular cervical cancer screening, it is recommended to consider vaccination against HPV. We stock Gardasil9 vaccinations at the clinic for eligible patients. Discuss with your doctor to determine if Gardasil9 is suitable for you.

Breast Checks

Breast awareness for women is absolutely crucial, and self examinations in conjunction with breast screenings for women over 40 should be a part of everyday life. If you have any concerns about your breasts or notice any changes during self-examination, you should arrange an appointment to see a doctor without delay.


Contraception means to prevent pregnancy and there are various contraception methods available. Queen Street Medical Centre can assist you in choosing the right contraception method to suit your health needs. Aside from oral contraceptive pills, there are also long-acting reversible contraceptive methods that are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. Some of our doctors are trained to perform Implanon NXT® insertion, removal or replacements. Dr Ria Warfe is available for Intrauterine Device (IUD) insertion (such as Mirena®, Kyleena® or Copper devices).  To discuss contraception options further, book an appointment with your GP.

Family Planning & Fertility

Our doctors are equipped to help women make decisions to manage their health through family planning and the effective use of contraception. This can be a sensitive issue, but this underscores the importance of being able to find practitioners with whom to communicate in a honest and safe manner. While all our doctors are skilled with respect to concerns about fertility and relevant testing and assessments, our female GPs Dr Elle Bolster, Dr Ria Warfe & Dr Leisha Weissenberger, all have a specialist interest in the field.


Women undergoing menopause are subject to a number of changes, and some women face general health concerns through the course of these changes. While the average age to experience this ‘change of life’ is around 50, it could happen significantly earlier or later than that. If you’re suffering from any adverse effects of menopause or have further questions, you should refer to your GP.

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