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Sexual Health Clinic

If you are sexually active, you are at risk of Sexually transmissible infections (STI’s). For this reason, regular sexual health checks are recommended. Some STI’s have no symptoms, therefore can be passed on unknowingly. Other STI’s will have symptoms.

If you are apprehensive, mention this to the Doctor. Sexual health checks are performed discreetly at Queen Street Medical Centre.

What is involved in a sexual health check?

During a sexual health consultation, the Doctor may discuss the following:

  • STI’s and appropriate testing
  • Contraception options – short and long term
  • Safe sex practices
  • Reproductive health

The frequency of checks depends on your sexual activity and lifestyle, this can be discussed during consultation with your Doctor.

Sexual Health Testing Methods

After a discussion about your sexual activity and symptoms, the Doctor will advise which testing methods are appropriate.

Testing methods can include:

    • Urine sample
    • Blood test
    • Physical examination
    • Swabs


Dr Elle Bolster is familiar with sexual health documentation requirements, for instance a Qld Sexual Health Certificate.

Dr Scott Allison is available for counselling and guidance on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.


For more information visit Queensland Government’s Sexual Health.